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The Voice Of Educators

The Forsyth County Association of Educators is the voice of the education team that works to unite, organize, and empower our members to advocate for parents, students, and the education team to provide an equitable, quality public education for every child.

Advocates For Our Schools, Our Students & Ourselves.

Become part of the movement improving public education and advocating for better salaries. Together we are the biggest and loudest advocates for our schools, our students, and ourselves.

Raise Your Voice In Support Of Public Education

Every district in the state including Forsyth County stands to lose hundreds of millions to voucher expansion  next year alone, a number the General Assembly is already considering increasing. While it’s unfair to have to lean so hard on our County Commissioners to fill the ever-increasing gap caused by the state, what will happen if we don’t? What will public education look like next year? In 5 years?


Because of endless budget cuts by the NC General Assembly, students do not have the supports they need and veteran public school staff like Clarissa are facing precarious futures. Never before have we seen this level of exodus from the teaching and educational support professions.


Turn out and bring everyone you know to support public schools on June 10th when we rally and ask that the Forsyth County Commissioners step up and support public education.

Take Action & Sign The Petition Today!

The Forsyth County Association of Educators is

requesting that the district works to address fair pay, behavior, and return educators time. We have outlined details of each request.

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Join FCAE  Upcoming Events 

At The Forsyth County Association of Education, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Our events bring together educators, students, and community members to advocate for better education policies and practices. join us at our upcoming events to be a part of the change.

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